We have been providing a service on the web since 1996.
We understand the importance of creditable evaluation for the seller or collector.
From our begining on the internet we have developed an excellent and meaningful reputation.

We are specialized in European, American, and canadian coins for over 30 years of expertise.
To achieve this we will slabbed our coins with certificate of evaluation.
The certificate together with the coin, are presented in an attractive sealed plastic envelope (acid free)
which is protected from damage and alteration.

Slabbed plastic envelope dimension: 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.


Country of issue

Denomination and date of issue

Grading of the coin

Certificate number: Certification - number

This is a genuine original coin

Satisfaction guaranteed: this item must be returned in its original sealed holder - for refund.

Unsealed holder invalidate above opinion.
Note: our main market being United States our certifications are in english.


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  • MonExpert - Coins - Web Service The certificate has the official seal embossed.